Lady's Belt Buckle Pafte


Material: silver

Weight: 227 g Width: 27 cm

Period: 19th century

Origin: Balkan

Price:  upon request


   This opulent lady's belt buckle - pafte, made in forged silver with embossed and engraved decoration testifies about Ottoman Baroque taste. It has three parts, the middle one is round with row of petals on the upper and the lower side, and it is flanked by two arrow shaped elements. All of them have convex circular decorative elements, and one in the centre is the most pronounced one. They are decorated by engraving and matting with typical Islamic geometric pattern. Among other decorative motives there are stylized foliages and tulip flowers also taken from the repertoire of Islamic art. The parts are held together with hinges on the back and the movable silver pins connected by the silver chain visible on the frontal part of the belt buckle.  

   The belt buckle appertains to the ethnographic or rustic type of Balkan jewellery showing the strong influences of Islamic Ottoman art, and it can be dated in the 19th century.

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