Russian Brass and Enamel Icon

Russian Brass and Enamel Icon

Five Selected Saints



Material: brass and polychrome enamel

Dimensions: 14.8 x 10.3 cm

Period: 19th century

Origin: Russia

Price: SOLD


   This is a fine example of Russian metal traveller’s icon with a depiction of five selected saints - the Fathers of the Church. It is a larger size variant of this type of icons which usually are of smaller dimensions. The icon is made in casted and incised brass with polychrome enamel applied.

   Five selected saints are represented as full-length figures occupying the major part of the icon. Each of them has a proper ecclesiastic vestment indicating the specific role in a church order. They are holding the appropriate attributes and three of them (including the central figure) are blessing with a gesture of a right hand. The saints can be identified by the inscriptions in Russian Cyrillic above the aureole of each of them. They are surmounted by the waist length figure of Jesus Christ, represented as a mighty ruler and a judge, blessing with his right hand and holding the opened gospel in his left hand. He is imbedded in a cloud symbolising the Heavenly Czardom. This type of Jesus Christ is referred to as Christ Pantocrator meaning Christ Almighty, and it is among the most venerated Christ’s iconographies in Orthodox Christianity.

   The background of the upper part of the icon is filled with two realistically rendered grapevine sprigs. The borders are decorated with foliate scrolls of a rather energetic movement. The central part of the upper rim is arched forming an ogee arch.  

   The most beautiful feature of this icon is enamel in blue, turquoise, white and yellow colour filling the entire background surface and adding to the overall picturesque and vivacious effect.

   According to the style and manufacturing technique the icon can be dated in second half of the 19th century.    


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