Small Silver Tray

Small Silver Decorative Tray


Dimensions:  14 x 10.5 cm

Weight: 81 g  

Material: silver

Period: late 19th century

Origin: Holland (possibly town Schoonhoven) exported to England (London)


Price: € 250


   Small silver tray with elaborately decorated rims and handles with flowers and scrolls. The central motive is a genre scene with woman and man figures within an ornate frame formed of volutes in Rococo taste.

   On the front the tray is stamped with the Holland Export hallmark used for 935 silver purity and with the set for English silver hallmarks including year letter for 1890, import hallmark and London assay office mark.  On the back the tray is stamped with few Old Dutch silver hallmarks – pseudo marks which came in use around 1860 in Schoonhoven and Groningen, and were widely employed by makers from this towns for artifacts made in the old stiles such as Baroque and Rococo.


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