Porcelain Urn

Porcelain vase - urn


Height:  21 cm

Material: porcelain

Period: late 19th century

Price: € 250

   Decorative porcelain vase - urn is a fine example of combining different styles on same artefact, a feature which was so fashionable throughout the 19th century, and especially in the second part of the century. The vase-urn has neoclassical form and the painted decoration is in rococo taste. The baluster form vase is set on the plinth base, it has Grecian-style handles and lid with knob final.

   The vase - urn has turquoise ground hand-painted with various flowers sprays rendered in delicate and naturalistic manner. The turquoise surfaces with floral decoration are altering with white ground panels painted with courting couples in gardens, inspired by Francois Boucher paintings. This subject was among the favourite during the Rococo style period. The vase-urn is further embellished by the opulent gilding framing each of the painted panels with playful volutes also in rococo style. The knob on the top of the lid and outer side of the handles are gilded too.

   The vase-urn can be dated in the period 1880s – 1890s.

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