Silver and Nielo Tobacco Box

Silver and Niello Tobacco Case with Foliage Scrolls


Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 2 cm

Weight: 116 g  

Material: silver, gilt silver and niello

Period: early 20th century

Origin: Vienna, Austria

Maker: Kurzer & Wolf Company

 Price: € 350


   This is an elaborately decorated silver and black niello tobacco case. The lid of the case is diagonally divided in two parts. The larger one has black niello background filled with playful acanthus foliage scrolls with finely engraved details. The upper right corner is applied with silver cartouche in a shield form designed for an owner initials but currently left blank. The other part is a reverse since it has silver background which is finely hatched with black niello lines, and it is further decorated with foliage scrolls also in black niello. The same pattern covers all the others surfaces of the tobacco case. The interior of the case is gold-plated. On the inner part of the lid the written dedication is incised. The inner part of the lid and the bottom on the interior side are stamped with Austrian silver hallmarks for 900 standard silver assayed in Vienna used from 1872 – 1922, and with maker’s marks K&W referring to the Kurzer & Wolf Company.  

   The business of this Viennese company was established in 1893 by Jakob Hersch Kurzer. Sometime between 1904 and 1908 he entered into partnership with Gustav Wolf, and the company changed the name to Kurzer & Wolf. The company specialized in manufacturing of smoking requisites, such as cigarette cases, tobacco boxes and lighters. In 1908 they were noted as having 45 employees, and by 1922 this had dropped to 30 employees. They were active until around 1924.


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