Louis XV Silver Snuffbox

Louis XV Silver Snuff-Box

Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 3 cm

Weight: 83 g  

Material: silver

Period: 1744 - 1750

Origin: Paris, France

Price: € 1500



   Cartouche-shaped box with wavy outlines. The cover and the base are finely chased and engraved with naturalistically rendered branches with foliage and flowers against a ground of undulating bands. The sides with canted corners are similarly engraved with undulating lines and pattern reminiscent of clouds. The snuff-box has reeded rims with incorporated slightly raised wavy thumb-piece.

 The snuff-box is stamped with the set of Paris - French 18th century silver hallmarks, including charge and decharge marks of Antoine Leschaudel 1744 – 1750 and maker’s mark.


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