Silver Snuffbox with Playing Cherubs Scene

Small Snuff Box with Playing Cherubs Motive on the Lid


Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 1.5 cm

Weight: 48 g  

Material: silver

Period: 18th century

Origin: possibly Sweden

 Price: € 400


   The lid of the silver snuff box is decorated by embossing, chasing and engraving of the scene of five cherubs dancing around the fountain in the middle of the opulently arranged park, with the balustrade surmounted by fruit branches in the right corner, a tree in the left corner and other elements. Everything is rendered in great detail. The scene is framed by typical Rococo taste frame formed of foliage C scrolls, flowers and branches with fruits occupying the borders of the lid. The sides of the box are engraved with acanthus foliage on minutely stippled ground, between two different patterns, one alongside the upper rim and the other on the lower part. High precision, meticulous work, and the choice and arrangement of decorative motives reveal a hand of a very skilful master. On the bottom the box is stamped by two hallmarks, one possibly referring to the Sweden 18th century silver. The rococo style of the decoration and the quality of work could be other two firm evidences for confirming the dating of the artefact in the 18th century.


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