Biedermeier Lobmeyr Glass Bowl

Biedermeier Lobmeyr Glass Bowl with Supporting Dish


Material: crystal glass, enamel, gilding, gilt brass

Total height: 21 cm Diameter of the bowl: 15 cm Diameter of the dish: 21 cm

Maker: J. & L. Lobmeyr

Origin: Vienna, Austria

Period: 19th century

Price: €


   The bowl is made of translucent crystal glass with hand painted enamel decoration with gilded details and cut decoration on the bottom of the supporting dish. The knob is made of gilded brass.

   This bowl is the fine example of the characteristic Viennese Biedermeier style with finely painted colorful representations of flower bouquets and fruit compositions alternating within circular frames of double gold lines. The edge of the bowl as well as the edge of the supporting dish is gilded too. The knob in a form of naturalistically rendered apple is typical for Viennese Biedermeier artifacts from the 19th century and similarly modeled knobs could be seen on silver objects of the period too.

   The bowl is made by the prominent Viennese glass company J. & L. Lobmeyr founded in 1823 as high retail store in Vienna specializing in art glass and with glassworks located in the Bohemian town Steinschonau which was within Austrian Empire until 1918. The policy of the company was the engagement of the best artists, designers and masters of the day to create wide range of artifacts intended for the high end market, with royal clientele included. One of the early collaborators of Lobmeyr was one of the most accomplished Bohemian glass technologists and inventors Freidrich Egermann (1777 - 1864) specialized, among other things, in enamel glass decoration. His workshop was credited for some of the most beautiful Biedermeier style artifacts presented by Lobmeyr in its early period.

   The bowl originates from the private collection of one of the noble families of Italian origin from Prčanj, the small town located in Boka Bay or Bay of Kotor (Cattaro) today within Montenegro but in the 19th century under the Austrian Empire rule. The members of the family were directly involved in many historical events in this small area of Adriatic coast with extremely turbulent past, Napoleonic wars included. They held the opulent household thanks to the family wealth accumulated through few generations and close connections with actual governments in the region. They lived according to the standards of wealthy European circles following the latest trends and acquiring luxury goods from European centers in variety of styles, such as this Lobmeyr glass bowl.

   The bowl was acquired directly from the family descents by "Antiques Stanković" in the recent period.

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