Iridescent Glass Vase with Flower Stem and Insects Motives

German Iridescent Glass Vase

Signed by Artist Waltraud Lerchl


Material: iridescent glass

Height: 14.5 cm

Maker: Eisch Glasswork

Origin: Frauenau, Regen District, Bavaria, Germany

Price: € 370.00


   The vase of iridescent glass in delicate shades ranging from purplish-pink and purple to golden lustre alongside the upper rim is decorated with naturalistically rendered floral and foliage stem winding around the vase body in fluid manner with few tiny flying bees adding to the overall livens of the ornamentation. 

   The vase has incised signature under the base Eisch 87 Wa. L. referring to the German glasswork Eisch (Glashütte Eisch) and the artist Waltraud Lerchl.

   Eisch glasswork was founded in 1962 by Valentin and Therese Eisch at Frauenau, in the district of Regen located in Bavarian Forest, region confining with Bohemia. The name of the Eisch family is connected with a long-lasting tradition of glassmaking dating back to 1712 when Mathias Eisch (Alesch) was mentioned as a worker in one of the Bohemian glass manufactories. At the present moment the glasswork is ran by the third generation of the Eisch family.  

   Despite of a small capacity and relatively small number of employees Eisch glasswork soon managed to attain very good reputation as the maker of an innovative and high quality glass. The regular practise of the manufactory is the engagement of various prominent artists to realise special outputs of artistic glass. This resulted in gaining many rewords for superb quality glass artifacts of exquisite design realized by the most proficient artists in the fields of glassmaking, sculpture and painting.  

   One of such outputs was created in the artistic workshop “Poetic painting” established in 1979. This line of unique products was oriented towards floral decoration characteristic for Art Nouveau style. On this occasion the painting with lustrous colours on iridescent glass was re-evoked. The utterly original and innovative works created for “Poetic painting” workshop bear the personal touch of each artist and every example is signed by the artist’s initials. The peak of creative productivity within “Poetic painting” workshop was reached between 1985 and 1995 when about twenty artists were included in the project. One of them was Waltraud Lerchl who created this fanciful vase reminiscent of Art Nouveau art. Besides the glasswork name and the artist’s initials the vase is dated ’89, referring to the year 1989.

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