Iridescent Glass Vase Marked Rosenthal Classic Rose

German Iridescent Glass Vase

Marked Rosenthal Classic Rose Jugendstil in Glass


Material: iridescent glass


Maker: Rosenthal Group

Origin: Selb, Germany

Price: € 480.00


   This beautiful orange iridescent glass vase decorated with irregular wavy lines in purplish-silvery lustre colour fluidly embracing the vase body is reminiscent of Art Nouveau or Jugendstil as the innovative style emerged at the turn of the 19th century was entitled in Germany. The vase is curious because it is a product of the famous porcelain manufactory Rosenthal. On the base it is labelled with Rosenthal mark and the collection name Classic Rose, Jugendstil in Glass.

   Although the synonym for the first class porcelain products in the terms of quality as well as of design, with an international acclaim and tradition dating back to 1879, Rosenthal extended its output with glassware in early 1960’s, when it was under the management of the founder’s son Philipp Rosenthal Junior. After the Second World War the prime goal of the manufactory was to become the leader in producing innovative modern design objects and this was realized by the practise of cooperation with the most prominent architects, designers and the artist including architect Walter Gropius.

   Nevertheless the need to adhere to the traditional models and patterns was always present and thus in 1974 the collection Classic Rose was introduced re-evoking some of the iconic designs of the manufactory from the late 19th and early 20th century. Since Art Nouveau or Jugendstil was quite revolutionary turn in art, strongly reflecting on the design of all decorative arts, it was only natural for Rosenthal to include in the line of products of the Classic Rose collection imaginative Jugendstil vases. Still Jugendstil vases from this Rosenthal output are very rare, since the accent was on more classic porcelain artifacts.


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