Murano Glass Vase Lady's Handbag

Murano Glass Vase – Lady’s Handbag


Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 8.5 cm

Material: glass

Period: 1970’

Origin: Murano, Venetia (Italy)


Price: € 600


   Glass vase in a form of a lady’s handbag. The purse is made in the technique of mosaic glass with the various shaped elements in yellow and red colour. They are freely fused forming irregular pattern. They are cased in colourless glass. The handles of the purse are made in the technique of twisted filigree, also known as retortoli or zanfirico. They are formed of spirally twisted yellow glass threads set in a rod made of colourless glass. At each end the handles are applied with the molten colourless glass flower.

   On the bottom the artefact has incised signature Seguso Murano.

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